Life after Death



Cats are not the only ones with nine lives, we humans also have many lives that we live within our lifetime.When I look back on my entire life so far, I can see 6 to 7 chapters already completed;I also see how I’ve  transitioned from one stage of my life to the next.Life is like a chapter book, and I’ve already completed several chapters.Some folks have lives that are one long sad novel because of circumstances that cause them to remain stagnated and fixed.So many people have had experiences that leave them feeling stuck with seemingly no way out.

As our lives progress and change, we close the door on prior chapters as we transition into the next stage. This is not necessarily a noticeable process, but if one takes the time to look back on their life so far they will see how chapters have ended and new ones began.Frequent self reflection is a key to living consciously. It will let one know from whence they’ve come,but more importantly where they’re heading.

There have been many events in my life that have been watershed moments, events that define the time.But as time marched on those important moments have no longer carried the same weight or impact that they once had in my life.Instead, they have become a part of my cumulative past but also the foundation that, as I move my life forward, new experiences will be built upon.

When my husband died that was indeed a defining moment of my life. I had not experienced anything of such gravity and it was an event that would signal that I was about to embark on a new chapter,as great changes were about to occur in my life. The event of my  husband’s death followed me like a shadow and I thought that I would die had I not sought assistance with my mourning.In time I soon learned that there was life after death, and that something new could be created out of the ashes. Eventually I made a choice to rebuild, begin anew, not die,or become a helpless victim of my circumstance.

This afternoon I learned that I lost a dear friend who was like a family member to me.He was one of my bestest,greatest lifelong friends. He was a kind, good, and loyal human being, who was always there when it was important and when it wasn’t. The irony of his death was that he too succumbed to pancreatic cancer, which was the same illness that took my husband out of here. I was fortunate enough to have gotten to see my him last week,and as I kissed his forehead, I prayed that he would have a miracle.Heartbroken,I will miss him sorely. I also know that he was in great physical pain, but now he is free to experience life after death. He is no longer tethered to this plane and is now among his ancestors in the heavens.

Having been on this journey, I have a head start when it comes to dealing with grief and the sojourn ahead. So after a time, this great loss,will become a part of the chapter of my life I’m in now.When it ends I will begin a new one called title unknown. I do not know what to expect, but I know that it will not resemble any of the other chapters in my life.Now,years after my own loss, I’m up for the newest adventure.

Life after death is possible when a loved one has passed on. It’s the next stage for all of us who are left, and for those who must leave, it’s the end of their story here. For those who remain it promises the hope of a new journey, that has been created on the foundation of our past which includes those who have been in our lives,but are now gone. We are all here to find out what we need to know to be able to transition from the early stages of our lives to the next stage in our evolution.Hopefully we’ve  gained wisdom, knowledge, experience,self awareness,understanding and an expansion of our world view. Those who pass on they too will experience life after death, but that life is a mystery to those who are still here.

As for my friend, he is free of the pain of his illness and those of us left to woefully mourn his passing will view this as a defining moment as we embark on the next chapter in our lives. Life after death is the  creation of a new life after loss or a tragic circumstance.We mustn’t give up,but instead keep on and rebuild a new chapter…..a new beginning.

After having experienced much joy and survived many trials, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is life after death for those who die and for those who live. It is up to those who who are still here to live and not die.





Author’s Note:In memory of my friend Robert Johnson,one of the most wonderful human beings I have ever known.It was an honor and a privilege to have shared space on this planet with him.





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